Uganda’s National Animal – Uganda Kob

As ROWAN is in Uganda, we thought it would be fun for our readers if we shared more about the country. This is an amazingly diverse country with a huge variety of animal & plant life worth learning about.

Female Uganda Kobs

Uganda’s national animal.

The National Kob

As the national animal of Uganda, the kob appears on their coat of arms, along with the crowned crane.

Uniquely Routine

Kobs eat short grass, which forces them to rely on larger grazers cropping the land first to create their ideal grazing conditions. In part because of this behavior, they develop attachments to specific locations & following grazing/ watering patterns every season. A male Uganda kob with antlers

Uganda’s national animal.

Kob Facts

The kob social structure is formed of small herds that come together with larger groups (sometimes in the 1000’s) from time to time. Over an average lifespan of 20 years, kobs return every season to the same breeding grounds (called leks). Some of the leks have been in use for over 50 years. Unfortunately Uganda kob grazing lands are also favorable for farming & like much Ugandan wildlife, kobs find themselves in competition with people & agriculture.

Learn More

To learn more about this lovely animal, get involved to help them or plan a trip to Uganda visit the Uganda Wildlife Authority or the Uganda Wildlife Education Center.

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