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When we say rolex, most of the world thinks of an expensive timepiece. In Uganda, however, it makes people’s mouth water & has absolutely nothing to do with time (unless, of course you have to wait for them to cook). In Uganda a rolex is a savory snack which consists of an omelette with onion & veggies rolled in a chapati, yum! Today we will teach you how to make your very own rolex.

Two young men cooking eggs & chapati

Image of rolex stand from Bukulu Steven under CC 4.0

Humble Beginnings

This tasty snack comes from the Busoga region where a creative chapati maker began selling the portable, affordable meal fairly high in nutrition. It soon spread to Wandegeya where Makerere University students quickly fueled further growth, enjoying them at all times of the day. Since then it has become a common food country wide & today there is even a festival celebrating them (last year it was in August).


With any popular food, variations always arise & the rolex is no exception. The name rolex comes from the rolling of the omelet & chapati, but here are a few variations you may want to try as well. Titanic A traditional rolex with two or more chapatis. Kikomando In this version the chapati is sliced & combined with beans. This name comes from commando soldiers who had to eat quickly in the field. Man cooking a chapati outside

Mmmmm, chapati!

Rolex Ingredients

This is for one rolex roll. The amounts are not exact & we’ve added several different veggie options. As there are so many possible variations, make your omelet to taste. 1 Chapati (cooked) 2 Eggs Tomatoes Onions Cilantro Green cabbage (sliced thin) Carrot (cut into thin strips) Spring onions (diced) Green chillies (diced) Pinch of salt 2 tablespoon vegetable oil

Rolex Instructions

Combine & whisk eggs, veggies & salt until well mixed. Pour vegetable oil onto a heated non-stick pan, then add egg mixture. Let cook until underside is golden brown, then flip & cook the other side. Lay chapati on a plate & add the cooked omelet on top, then roll & serve!

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