10 Great Charities Operating in Uganda

As our readers know, we rely on donations & the kindness of others to keep ROWAN providing value in Uganda. We realize that it can be difficult to decide where to donate your time or money. Obviously you want your donation to go where it can do the most good & actually benefit those who need it. We can appreciate that & want to provide those who love Uganda a guide to some amazing charities here.

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Here is a quick list of 10 (+ a bonus) charities that do really good work & make a difference to the people of Uganda. As always, you should do your own research when planning to donate anywhere. However, we thought we could give you a few places to get started. The charities below run programs that help Ugandans at a local level, within their own families & communities.

Screenshot of Volunteer Uganda website

Volunteer Uganda

Volunteer Uganda was founded by teachers in the Bwindi region of rural south-west Uganda & their priority is improving the quality of education. They do this not only by paying the school fees for over 500 students a year, but by supporting over 200 teachers as well. Featuring donation & volunteer programs (heavy emphasis on volunteer) they offer a variety of options for getting involved.

Screenshot of Helping Uganda Schools website

Helping Uganda Schools

Helping Uganda Schools (HUGS) began in 1995 by a group of friends near Stockport, England who wanted to fund the primary education of 15 orphaned Ugandan children. Two years later they had enough support to attempt building a new school in a rural area (about 4 hours outside of Kampala). They have continued to grow since & estimate to have helped almost 2000 children! They offer a variety of different donation options.

Screenshot of Seeds for Development website

Seeds for Development

Founded in 2007, Seeds for Development began helping farming communities in Northern Uganda by providing seeds to people who couldn’t afford them. This enabled people in extreme need to feed their families, as well as providing a potential opportunity to earn an income & educate their children. Since their inception they have provided seeds to over 3,000 farmers, as well as expanding their activities to include education, empowerment & community support. According to them, 100% of donations go to Uganda in support of their projects.

Screenshot of Amigos website


Amigos works with churches of rural Ugandan communities in Kampala, Masindi, Gulu, Orom, Kitgum, Lira & Kaliro to help increase crop yields, food, income, education, health & access to clean water. Their projects are sustainable & delivered by Ugandans, while being closely monitored for transparency/impact. Their goal is to lift people out of poverty through vocational skills, conservation farming, business, life skills, education, child/family sponsorship & access to clean water.

Screenshot of The Mityana Charity website

The Mityana Charity

A smaller charity but big in heart, The Mityana Charity began in 1997 with a vicar, a school & a desire to help. St. Sebastian’s school in Wokingham, UK was inspired by their vicar’s visit to Uganda with another charity & decide they needed to take action. This charity aims to provide everyone with education, medical care, religious advancement, promotion of sustainable development & clean drinking water, in addition to basics human rights for those in prison.

Screenshot of Cherish Uganda website

Cherish Uganda

Originating in 2006, Cherish Uganda is another charity that focuses specifically on children with HIV/AIDS. A faith based organization, Cherish began with a trip to Uganda & a church that saw a way to help. They provide education, medical care & a more stable life to the children afflicted with HIV/AIDS partially via their own primary school. This charity is 100% Ugandan run on-site (providing stable jobs for over 100 Ugandans) bravo!

Screenshot of Uganda Humanist Schools Trust website

Uganda Humanist Schools Trust

The Uganda Humanist Schools Trust was founded 2008 to support Ugandan Humanists in founding schools that provide alternative education, including Isaac Newton High School (Katera, Masaka), Mustard Seed School (Busota, Kamule) & Kasese Humanist Primary School (Kasese). Their schools teach the Uganda national curriculum, prepare students for public exams & introduce students to religious as well as secular life stances. Run as charities for children in need, the schools are inclusive & do not discriminate on grounds of religion, social or ethnic background.

Screenshot of Ugandan Water Project website

Ugandan Water Project

Founded in 2008 (after a great BBQ discussion) & what started with rain water collection systems in Jinja has grown way beyond the initial expectations. Offering communities a variety of different clean water solutions & increasing sanitation levels. This is a charity that relies heavily on donor involvement by identifying areas that need help & connecting/enabling fundraising efforts to bring them clean water. Featuring a variety of ways to get involved, including planned trips & fun school programs.

Screenshot of Send a Cow website

Send a Cow Uganda

Send a Cow was founded in 1988 when a group of Christian dairy farmers in the UK found themselves forced to slaughter healthy dairy cows with the advent of EU milk quotas. Shortly after, Uganda’s dire appeal for milk inspired a solution that kept both cows & people alive. Thus the foundation of a unique but practical charity, the surplus dairy cows were shipped to a then war devastated Uganda. Today the charity sources local cattle along with a variety of other programs that enable Ugandans to live sustainably & build a better future.

Screenshot of Kulika Uganda website

Kulika Uganda

Established in 1981, Kulika began by providing vocational & academic scholarships to Ugandan people. Since then they have developed into an independent Ugandan NGO focusing on community development & educational opportunities. Their Sustainable Agriculture Training Program started in the 90s is of prime importance & has transformed many lives by growing healthy organic produce. They operate from headquarters in Kampala, but have activities across the country.

Screenshot of Homes of Promise Uganda website

Homes of Promise Uganda

Like many of these charities, Homes of Promise began with an eye-opening visit to Uganda & became a force to help others. The charity aims for prevention/relief of poverty in Uganda by assisting in the provision of shelter/housing, education, training, healthcare projects & support designed to enable the generation of a sustainable income/self-sufficiency. They also work with boys living on the streets, feeding them, providing basic necessities & attempting to reunite them with family.

Screenshot of Uganda Conservation Foundation website

Bonus – Uganda Conservation Foundation

If you want to simply help Uganda herself, the Uganda Conservation Foundation protects Uganda’s national parks, protected areas & conservancies. Some of their projects include recovering & reconnecting neglected protected areas; supporting the recovery of wildlife populations; mitigating human/wildlife conflict & improving the livelihood of communities in proximity to protected areas.

Of Course There is Always ROWAN

Our readers already know all about our campaign, sponsorship, volunteer & donation options, but it doesn’t hurt to mention them. Wherever you decide to donate your money or time, many thanks on behalf of Uganda for considering her as your beneficiary.

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