What is the Fastest Growing Problem in Uganda?

ROWAN’s founder shares his passion for positive parenting.

A Letter from Pastor Paul. March 21, 2013
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Hello, fellow Advocates of Children in Rural Communities,
Good morning, We do appreciate you for all the good work you do for the ministry.
The whole of this week I have been thinking about how some of the children who live with care givers or with Step moms suffer in Uganda. There is great need for us to step up our advocacy skills to protect the children and their rights-and to sensitize the caregivers, parents and the entire community about positive parenting. We conducted a 1 day training for our caregivers yesterday which we will continue to do on a regular basis.

Child abuse is one of the fast growing challenges in Uganda today, caused by ignorance of the law.

In order to be relevant to the current struggles of our orphans, child advocacy is considered one of our key areas of our work.
There was a horrible story in the paper this week about a young girl who was almost killed by her step mom due to physical trauma.
Let us think about this seriously. I discovered that our children feel love and peace when they are at our ROWAN base, but when they go back there is tears all the time.
Fellow advocates let us speak for these voiceless children, God has given us everything possible to help these children.
From Pastor Paul with broken heart for children who suffer

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