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It’s time to express some true beauty in a big way.
Brooke Danielson, one of the Associate Accessories Editor at GLAMOUR Magazine, got her hands on one our Shabby Chic necklace pieces recently and fell in love with our work and our cause. She said,
“My heart melted when I saw my very first ROWAN necklace. The Craftsmanship and attention to detail, not to mention the beautiful beads, are oustanding. To know that women in Africa are making these to better themselves, their families and communities is admirable to say the least. I am encouraged and grateful when wearing it!”
This morning Brooke broadcasted this piece on @glamourmag Instagram to over 200,000 followers to raise awareness & find out how many would purchase this piece to support our widows. Right now widows in Uganda are rolling these beads into a beautiful Shabby Chic masterpiece, and will be on sale by next month just in time for summer!
Stay tuned on @glamourmag and for details of when they hit the USA
Video on Ugandan bead making

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