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At ROWAN we do everything we can to help the women & children whose lives have been affected by HIV/ AIDS. Our primary objectives are to ensure everyone is fed, healthy & learning new things or skills. Your donations & sponsorships help us see our vision, allowing us to focus on the important things: hugging, loving & building a future for those who need it. This new year is a great time to give a young boy hope.

Young boy with a drum smiling

About Richard

Richard is from the Iganga district. He is a happy boy, with a joyful smile who adores music. His father passed away years ago, so now he lives with his mother Esther. His favorite meal is his mother’s rice & chicken!

Drummer Boy

Richard’s music is a large part of his life, he plays drums with us every Saturday at the center with a big smile. His dream is to become a pilot so he can help people. Your sponsorship will help Richard to stay in school & move on to secondary education. Hopefully one day we will be sharing his pilots license with you all!

Please Help if You Can

We are doing everything we can to provide the amazing children of ROWAN with hope for the future. Anything you can do to help, whether it is a one time donation or sponsoring someone who needs it is a gift that goes directly to the kids in need. To learn more about sponsoring Richard, please visit his sponsorship page.

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