Sponsor Young Denis Sanyu

At ROWAN most of what we do is to help young people whose lives have been affected by HIV/AIDS. Our primary objectives are ensuring everyone is fed, healthy & getting a decent education. Your donations & sponsorships help us fulfill our vision, allowing us to focus on the important things: hugging, loving & building a future for those who need it.

Two boys playing drums & dancing

Denis Sanyu (the drummer)

About Denis

Denis is a very vibrant & outgoing young man. He loves to act & dance with his friends here at ROWAN, his energy is amazing & infectious! He lives with a caregiver named Ruth.

Young man

Let’s Help Him Succeed!

Denis has big plans for his future, he wants to be an engineer when he grows up. Let’s help him accomplish that dream together by supporting his last year at Pioneer Technical school.

Smiling young man holding a paper

Smiling young man in a school uniform

Please Help if You Can

We are doing everything we can to provide the amazing young people of ROWAN with hope for the future. Anything you can do to help, whether it is a one time donation or sponsoring someone directly is a gift that goes directly to those in need. To learn more about sponsoring Denis, please visit his sponsorship page.

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