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We truly enjoy writing about life in Uganda & offering as many details as we can about the people ROWAN helps. We try not to plug our own services very often, but maybe we should. Although we are happy to simply have you as a reader, we would also love for you to get involved with what goes on at ROWAN. A more rewarding experience you will never have.
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The Gift of Clean Clothing

As you can see by this rambunctious one, it’s time for new uniforms. Not just for the children, but for our widows & staff as well. With the new opening of the Hall of Hope, we want everyone to have something colorful & fun!

What You Can Do

If you want to get involved & help us provide new uniforms for our community, you can. It’s easy. Just a $20 dollar donation will provide a new uniform with shoes for a child or a quality shirt for a widow or staff member. That’s less than lunch! Imagine that, by eating at home one day you can help clothe people who need it.

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Getting Dressed

As of publishing we haven’t raised much for this campaign, but it’s just getting started. Once we have our uniforms, we will definitely share pics! If you’d like to get involved we would absolutely love to have you.

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