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In doing the type of work we do, ROWAN is always looking for extra hands on the ground. We write a lot about Uganda because it’s an absolutely spectacular place! The sheer diversity in plants, animals & people boggles the mind. Some of our campaigns revolve around helping willing volunteers make their way here, where they can do good work. People like Isa.
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The Gift of Physical Presence

Lets face it, we couldn’t do it without or donors or our volunteers. Charities in Uganda seem to often be inspired by a visit to this beautiful land. Having extra hands actually in Uganda to help with the endless physical tasks is priceless to us.

Meet Isa

“Hi friends! This summer I am pursuing the opportunity to serve orphans and widows affected by HIV and AIDS. The journey leading up to this decision really began my freshman year as a college student. ROWAN’s mission is to encourage and ensure the self reliance, dignity, and well being of orphans and widows affected by HIV and AIDS. I am beyond excited to have the privilege of meeting, loving and worshipping with these people this summer. If you feel led to do so, please consider supporting this trip monetarily, anything is greatly appreciated.”

Isa’s Trip

While in Uganda, Isa will be visiting ROWAN families, orphans & widows to share testimonies of God’s love. There is a team service project chosen every year that she will be involved in, as well as working in the children’s programs.

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What You Can Do

If you want to get involved & help Isa make it to Uganda, you can. It’s easy. Even just pocket change will help her accomplish her goal, & what a great goal. This will be a life changing experience for her & the people she is there to help. Imagine that, by saving up your extra change you can help someone help others.

“My very first exposure to what faith looks like in this community was led by ROWAN’s very own Pastor Paul. His heart for the people he serves and the relationships he’s formed is filled with the sacrificial love Christ calls us to bear.”

Big Ole Jet Airliner

As of writing this Isa is almost halfway to her goal. If you’d like to help Isa directly we’ll say a big thank you in advance on behalf of her (& us).

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