ROWAN Clinic Expands

ROWAN is just finishing up painting our new lab building, and soon they are headed to pick up the supplies needed to stock the lab for the new year. Currently we have one clinical officer named Patrick that runs the lab, and soon we are training our current nurse named Rachel to do the same.

Did you know we expanded our clinic with a laboratory?

Since ROWAN clinic opened in 2017, we have worked diligently to create a facility that will meet the needs of the local community. We have added a maternity ward with an ultrasound machine, and now this lab will service the entire community. ROWAN members pay .28 cents for each visit, and free lab work and ultrasounds. Non-ROWAN members pay $3.00-$10.00 per visit, depending on the need.

Each month, ROWAN covers the cost of purchasing the medicine needed to care for hundreds of people across 30 villages. As we work toward being 100% sustainable, we need your help.

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