2010 Singapore Launch 3

Recently we posted a flashback featuring our 2010 Singapore launch event (& part 2) where people from all walks-of-life came together to support an important cause. More than a one-time event, this night was the launch of something much larger, a symbolic door has opened for Singaporeans to begin investing in the lives of women & children in Uganda!
Two people at a microphone performing with a band

The entertainment was amazing.

Flashback to 2010

These flashback posts provide a way for us to share the progression of life at ROWAN, while sharing new (& old) projects that we (really) love. After over a decade, ROWAN (with your donations) has helped a lot of deserving people live a healthier, more fulfilling life. Enabling them to grow personally, spiritually & financially. Thanks to everyone who has helped to make ROWAN projects possible!

Woman with a microphone

Keeping the inspirational words coming.

Woman with a microphone

ROWAN co-founder, Kelsey saying a few words.

Two women talking, one holding a baby

Making new friends of all ages.

Three men posing for the camera

Enjoying a quick coffee.

People looking at ROWAN beads & merchandise on a table

Checking out the merchandise.

People looking at ROWAN beads & merchandise on a table

Looks like someone found something they like.

One woman walked up to Kelsey with tears in her eyes saying, “I have always had a heart for orphans and widows, and it is by no accident that I came here tonight. This was divine.”

Woman with a microphone & earpiece

Keeping things moving smoothly along.

Two people performing with a band

Again, the entertainment… wow!

Two people performing into a microphone

the atmosphere is simply buzzing!

Smiling woman putting on a strand of beads

Loving her new beads!

A room full of people looking at ROWAN merchandise

Another overview of the venue.

Enjoy the Show

We will continue to share photographic stories of the amazing projects of ROWAN, both past & present (be sure to check out part 1 & part 2 too!). Their strength & smiles should be an inspiration to us all. Please keep them in your prayers & if you want to help, we’d also love for you to get involved.

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