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Happy New Year to you and yours from all of us at ROWAN!

For many people this is a time of reflection over the past year and resolution to make changes and improvements in one’s life over the course of the coming year. Personally, I have a love/hate relationship with New Year’s resolutions. While I am able to follow through on some of them, for the most part the decisions to overhaul my life in a certain areas often loses steam a few months into the new year. So, while I am still learning…I have found that implementing principles to live by is a much more effective approach when it comes to making changes for the better.
One of the areas in which I want to be faithful, is managing my resources well — specifically my finances. I want to seek God on how and where I should invest my time, energy and money. And then, leave it in His hands to multiply the dividends. There are a few ministries I support on a monthly or yearly basis because I believe in what they are doing and the change they are affecting around the world. One of those ministries is being involved by sponsoring an orphan through ROWAN.
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This has been rewarding in more ways than one, as I have mentioned in previous posts. But, I also know the full amount I am giving is going directly to support Asanansi to reach her dreams. There is the option to communicate with Asa and I have even been able to visit her in her home. I have a personal connection and consider her part of my extended family. And I cannot think of a better way to invest in the future.
liz and asa
For less than $40 a month, you can be a part of affecting change and drastically improving a life in Uganda. When you think about it, that amount could purchase dinner for 2 at a mid-level restaurant, one concert ticket, part of your weekly groceries, and there are rumors that a tablet may be offered for that price soon. But let me share with you what $38 per month can do in rural Eastern Uganda.
– Provide Medical Care including HIV medication, pre-natal care and general needs
– Pay for Education and Literacy costs including materials, uniforms and school fees
– Fund Micro Enterprise Start-ups, savings groups and extensive business trainings
– Supply Nutritious meals weekly
– Offer Spiritual nourishment every Saturday at our center


So let me encourage you to prayerfully consider partnering with us to bring hope into the lives of these widows and orphans we serve in Mawanga and surrounding villages. Such a small sacrifice can lead to eternal benefits for these precious people!

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