More pictures from our annual ROWAN Christmas party!

Hope Doesn't Disappoint

James with goats
As we reflect on the Christmas season, I wonder if you have an especially memorable gift that comes to mind when you think back on your life. Perhaps it was unexpected or came from someone whom you love dearly. Now imagine receiving a gift for the very first time. Many of the recipients of these goats experienced that. For the first time in their lives they received a gift – and not just any gift, but one that has the potential to change their future.
girl and her goat
goat with boy

So as you scroll through these photos, remember the childlike wonder and genuine joy you see displayed on so many faces is a direct result of your generous donation.

These widows and orphans and their families are dancing for Jesus in praise for His provision. And they are determined to take these gifts and change more lives by multiplying the effect when they have the opportunity.
dance for Jesus
goats and more goats
dance for Jesus 1
goats and shepherds

As we come to the close of 2015, thank you for being a part of something so big it has literally changed lives for the known future. But let’s not stop here…keep dreaming with us because we serve an awesome God who is able to do anything!

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