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Give a Goat Today
A few years ago, my immediate family decided to start a new tradition. We wanted to change the way we gave gifts. Rather than buying something just for the sake of getting a gift, we wanted to do something to meet a real need. We wanted to give back to our community, to find a family with less than what we had, to put our extra funds to good use. During this process, I learned a lot about sustainability. We gifted goats, chickens, cows, school supplies, adopted a family for Christmas, supported local organizations and assisted with medical expenses when the need seemed overwhelming.

It’s simple. Find a project, person or need and decide how much to give to support that particular cause. Then, present what you have done to the person in a creative manner. We even started a scrapbook as a family. This tradition revolutionized Christmas for me.

It is so much better to give than to receive, and knowing that my small contribution can make a big difference is better than anything that can be bought. But do you know the best part about this project?

You can bring people along with you, help them understand the cause you are supporting and encourage them to find new ways to make a difference in another’s life.

There are so many great opportunities out there, from advent calendars that support orphans around the world, to operation Christmas child, to helping someone in your own community. If you are looking for ideas to get involved, I have a great one!

This year ROWAN has a vision to provide each of its families with a goat for Christmas.

We have a big God so we are dreaming big. This is a chance to participate in the first step that could lead to a big change for these villagers. We have already seen success. One of our ladies bought a goat, was able to sell the offspring from that goat to buy a cow, which eventually led to her being able to purchase land!

We can’t do this on our own though – we need your help! Our goal is to raise enough to purchase 200 goats by November 15.

That’s the easy part though…we want this to be a surprise, so we have to come up with a way to hide all of these animals until the ROWAN Christmas celebration. We are well on our way there, with donations for over 50 goats so far.
Give a Goat Today

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