Uganda’s Growing Flower Industry

ROWAN is located in the beautiful country of Uganda & we enjoy sharing fun facts about the country with our readers. This is an immensely diverse equatorial country with an amazing variety of flora & fauna. The location combined with the sheer volume of water available in local rivers & lakes makes it a great place to grow flowers.

Woman in a greenhouse, inspecting a sunflower

Uganda’s flower industry

A Growing Industry

Uganda’s economy relies heavily on their agricultural sector, which contributes over a third of its GDP. Floriculture is among the fastest growing industries in the agricultural sector, due mainly to a suitable climate for growing roses, chrysanthemums & a range of potted plant varieties.

A variety of chrysanthemums

A variety of chrysanthemums

Amazing Vegetation

Most of the flowers grown in Uganda (95%) are sold through direct sales, with the remaining 5% sold at auction. The main export destination for flowers & plants from Uganda are the Netherlands, USA & Canada. This booming industry employs around 10,000 people & roughly 60,000 more benefit indirectly through various support services & businesses every year.

Come See Uganda

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