Lately we have been doing a lot of flashback posts, but you should see the collection of amazing photos we have! Today it’s again back to 2010, December this time & everyone is getting ready for another holiday season. These pics come from a fun day for the kids of cookie decorating & dancing. It’s no secret the Ugandan’s love to dance!
Young kids decorating cookies

Hard at work decorating yummy cookies!

Flashback to 2010

These flashback posts are a fine way for us to share the progression of life here at ROWAN, sharing new (& old) projects that we love. After over a decade, ROWAN (through your donations) has helped a lot of deserving kids live a better, more fulfilled life. Enabling them to grow personally, spiritually & financially. Thanks so much to everyone who has helped to make all of the ROWAN projects possible!

Kids decorating cookies

Artistic cookie decorating masters at work!

A group of kids

Gathering together is a large part of ROWAN’s family life.

Man standing in front of a like of kids

Now everyone is sugared up, time to dance!

Man teaching kids a dance step

Teaching his new moves.

Smiling kids in a line

The kids seem to love the lesson.

Kids in a line dancing

There is always time for dancing!

Kids doing an exercise in a field

Still working off those cookies.

Enjoy the Show

We will continue to share photographic stories of the amazing people of ROWAN, both past & present. Their strength & smiles should be an inspiration to us all. Please keep them in your prayers & if you want to help, we’d also love for you to get involved.

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