Culver Christian Church Team En Route!

The word Mawanga means “a coming together of tribes & nations.”

For anyone who has ever been to Mawanga, this is a known fact and we forever have family in a small village in rural Eastern Uganda. Pastor Paul has welcomed people from many different countries through the years, and each time lives are impacted, hearts are changed and God’s name is lifted high. Another team is heading to Uganda today and we are excited to see and hear the accomplishments that will result from this trip.
We have a team of 10 people, including our program manager Lauren Kraus. The Uganda Mission team from Culver Christian Church is ready with 8 boxes of Bibles, gifts for the host families and the village, materials to teach and do crafts with the children and love in their heart for the cause of Christ.

The Pastor and his wife with our administrator, Elaina and her husband

The Pastor and his wife with our administrator, Elaina and her husband

This church team will go for three weeks to help with kids programs, widow and caregiver training and much more. Please pray with us for safety in travel, effective ministry and for the hearts of those going on this trip. May God be blessed and glorified always through the people of Culver Christian Church!
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