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Biva Muntuyo Saving group (3)

Biva Muntuyo Saving Group

This particular savings group is comprised of members from Special Group in ROWAN. They are part of the Bwalula zone and just began saving early this year. They started with a minimum of 2000 Uganda shillings and a maximum of 10,000 shillings. For 2016, they have made a goal of saving five million shillings amongst the members. Several of the members have given testimonies of how loan acquisition has benefited their lives and families. they are so proud of the savings they have amassed and how the culture of savings has improved among the members.
Biva Muntuyo Saving group (1)
Alisat Naigaga was able to begin a business of selling second-hand clothing, and to date she has a target of buying land so that she can construct rather than renting. The savings group has dearly helped them because they are in position to pay off fees for their children at school and also have acquired some nutritional supplements.

So often, these dreams start out as an impossibility, but through these savings groups — many of these dreams have become reality.

Goals are being reached, community is being built and we are training our people to start their own businesses. Want to know how YOU can help?
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