How to Behave in Uganda

As ROWAN is in Uganda, we thought it would be interesting to share some of the local Ugandan customs with our readers. This is an amazingly diverse country, from tribes to wildlife it has a great deal to offer those lucky enough to visit.

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English & Swahili are the official languages of Uganda.

Amazing Place to Visit

Uganda sees over 800,000 tourists each year, their many bodies of water, friendly people & diverse wildlife calling visitors from around the globe. Ugandans often refer to foreigners in their country as mzungu. While the official languages of Uganda are English & Swahili, a wide variety of languages & dialects are spoken throughout the country. A man looking through binoculars

Visiting Uganda.

A Few Social Graces

Here are seven bits of advice for visiting an incredibly friendly country. 1. Keep your hands to yourself – Public displays of affection are frowned upon by Ugandan locals. 2. Proper greeting – When greeting a Ugandan, it is impolite to simply say ‘hi’. ‘How are you’ is a much more appropriate greeting. 3. Watch your hands – Pointing is considered an insult in Uganda (true of many African countries). When necessary to point, the whole arm should be used for the gesture. 4. Stay laid back – Punctuality is not an important trait to the Ugandans. it isn’t uncommon for them to be (very) late for a meeting. 5. Watch your step – Be sure to look both ways before crossing the road in Uganda, pedestrians do not have the right away on the streets. 6. Practice modesty – Women in Uganda are expected to wear dresses that cover their legs to maintain modesty. 7. Dress for the occasion – The men in Uganda always wear trousers, no matter the temperature. Young boys (& foreign men) may wear shorts without breaking local norms.

Learn More

To learn more about life here or plan a trip to this amazing country visit Ugandan Tourism Board.

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