Uganda Grows a lot of Bananas

Uganda is a country filled with lakes & rivers, including the largest lake in Africa! All of that water makes great growing conditions for many crops, especially bananas.
Banana tree blooming

Banana tree in bloom.

World Class Production

In fact, Uganda is the highest producer of bananas in Africa & the 2nd highest in the world (2nd only to India). An estimated 11 million tons of these sweet fruits are grown annually by over 75% of Ugandan farmers. The most commonly grown crops are cooking bananas, belonging to the East African highland banana (EAHB) subgroup. Others include dessert bananas & plantains used for roasting & making beer.
Hundreds of green bananas

Banana crop.

Farm to Table

Although the Ugandans grow a lot of bananas, the fruit isn’t one of their largest exports (by far). As it’s the country’s staple food, most of the crops grown go to feed fellow Ugandans. To put it simply, no one in the world eats more bananas than the people of Uganda. They consume 600 pounds per capita in a year (for perspective, Americans consume 27 pounds per capita). You guessed it! Banana recipes to follow soon.

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