A Note From Our Founder, Kelsey

Hello family of ROWAN!

As you have stood by us during this unforeseen mining crisis in our region, I wanted to give you a real-time update on what ROWAN is doing to actively protect and fight for the rights of not only our own beneficiaries, but over 2 MILLION affected by this project.

For the past month, we as ROWAN, along with the support and guidance of the local lawyers out of Kampala have guided negotiations between the mining company and the people.

What are we negotiating?

As the mining company uses their exploratory license to find minerals in our region, their next goal would be to get a signed MOU from individual land owners to obtain a mining license. Initially this MOU was found to be extremely shallow, with zero interest in the peoples’ rights and need for compensation. The mining company had a plan to divide and conquer in order to obtain such signatures.

Thankfully, through the collaborative efforts of our ROWAN staff and lawyer team, we educated the community to stand together as one. The community is now working in unity across 3 Districts!

Our lawyers are actively visiting the affected communities and educating people on their rights. They are guiding our steps and standing in the gap between the government, mining company, and the PAPs (Project Affected Persons.)

It is a long road ahead, but we are hopeful in God’s protection and provision of His children.

When you stand with ROWAN, you are not only supporting the orphans and widows in our program, but you are supporting our advocacy efforts. It is no surprise to our God that we are located at the heart of this crisis, and we have unshakeable faith that God will show us the opportunity to impact millions for His Kingdom! What an honor.

The most important thing right now is to intercede for the ministry and those on the front lines of this effort.

Prayer prompts are here ♥

With Love from ROWAN,

Kelsey Hargadine

mining update from kelsey hargadine

3 Prayer Prompts

3 prayer prompts for when you don’t know how to pray

Sometimes, an obstacle looms so large in your life that it’s hard to see through it or around it. Your own personal Goliath. When that happens, it can be difficult to find the words to pray. If that sounds familiar, we invite you to fall back on these 3 simple prayer requests:

1. Peace.

2. Protection.

3. Provision.

How to pray for ROWAN as we face a mining crisis in Uganda

If you haven’t heard of the mining situation that threatens the land and lives of the widows and orphans we serve in rural Uganda, catch up on the story here. With those same 3 prayer prompts in mind, we ask that you join us in praying for ROWAN:

1. Peace

ROWAN is paying for the best local lawyers to represent 70,000 people who will be displaced from mining. Pray for peace in their hearts that they are cared for and valued.

2. Protection

Please pray for Pastor Paul and his family, who face a lot of pressure, threats, and intimidation as they stand in the gap and advocate for our widows and orphans. Pray also that ROWAN as an organization would be protected so that we can continue to do God’s work in this region.

3. Provision

Join us in knocking down God’s door as we pray for provision. This is both in terms of finances as well as the right people to lead ROWAN into this season of advocacy.

When prayer leads to action

As overwhelming as this feels, we know that these widows and orphans need our steadfast support now more than ever. There will be a time when we need to fundraise specifically for lawyer fees, advocacy campaign costs, and other fees to legally protect our people. Until then, there are so many widows & orphans needing a sponsor, now more than ever. When you sponsor an orphan in Uganda, you provide for them 6 essential ways

Look through our sponsorship page and get involved today!

3 prayer prompts when you don't know what to pray

Ugandan Mining Crisis Update

Adversity on the Horizon

On Friday, June 24th, we invited ROWAN supporters to join us for an internal Zoom update on the mining crisis that threatens the region…

After her exploratory trip to Uganda in May, ROWAN Co-founder Kelsey Hargadine returned with stories of God’s hand in this situation as well as the details we needed in order to determine our next steps as an organization.

Here’s a note from Kelsey:

For those of you who were able to join me on Friday, thank you! It is so encouraging to share this powerful story of my recent trip to Uganda.


We are excited that we recorded it and want to send to you if you have not yet heard the testimony. It includes the current ROWAN story and ways in which you can continue to support/pray/volunteer/advocate with us. This testimony is TRULY remarkable…you don’t want to miss it! 


 Feel free to email me if you’d like to watch the video***!


Love to you ALL,

Kelsey Hargadine


Among other updates shared in the video***, we found that the mining company will likely not affect our region for many more years… plus or minus a decade.

As scary as it feels, we know that these widows and orphans need our steadfast support now more than ever.

If you found out that your home might be torn down in 10 years, would you move out now? Of course not!

In the same way, we’re using this time to plan and prepare for the next chapter of ROWAN serving the vulnerable citizens of Uganda while advocating for the rights and proper treatment of the widows and orphans there, now.

There are so many widows & orphans needing a sponsor, now more than ever. When you sponsor an orphan in Uganda, you provide for them 6 essential ways.

Look through our sponsorship page and get involved today!


***Request access to the video update by emailing kelsey@ loverowan. com , no spaces.

ugadndan mining crisis

40 FOR 40


As ROWAN Co-founder Kelsey Hargadine’s 40th birthday approaches, she’s spent some time reflecting on what she wants her birthday to be about this year.

It would be her dream come true to see 40 new sponsors join the ROWAN family —  a family of people making a difference from where they’re at with what they’ve got.

There are so many widows & orphans needing a sponsor, now more than ever. When you sponsor an orphan in Uganda, you provide for them 6 essential ways that no person should go without.

Look through our sponsorship page!

Whose story stands out to you?

Whose sweet smile gets stuck in your heart and mind?

Who will you help?


And who can you invite to join you in making a difference in this world?

sponsor an orphan in uganda

Mining Crisis Threatens the People of ROWAN

Our region is being directly threatened by a China-based mining company looking to extract minerals from the soil under ROWAN.

If you’re familiar with ROWAN, start the video at about 11 minutes 38 seconds. The first 11 minutes contain the origin story of ROWAN, while the details of the crisis start at about 13 minutes 20 seconds.

Here’s a brief summary:

Kelsey is on her way to meet with the mining companies and to partner with other local leaders, churches, and NGOs on the ground to explore the best way forward for our community.

Our goal? Collaborate to find a way to preserve the dignity of the thousands and thousands of people who would be displaced by this mining endeavor.

Listen to Kelsey break down more details here:

It’s Not Too Late to Make a Difference

Join us this March as we bless widows in Uganda

Between International Women’s Day on March 8th Women’s History Month for wrapping up on March 31st, this time of year is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about our Legacy Program and to give toward female entrepreneurship through ROWAN in Uganda!

ROWAN has been empowering widows in the region for 14 years now. This year, every dollar you donate boosts our four-year Legacy Program to empower widows through financial literacy, so that they can open their own businesses and support their families!

When a widow enters the program, they first gain free access to our ROWAN medical clinic, weekly meals, and emergency care so they can focus on the trainings and courses. These include Literacy, Health, Business 101, Land Rights, Women’s Rights, and SO much more.

Learn more and give here!

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