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It’s Not Too Late to Make a Difference

Join us this March as we bless widows in Uganda

Between International Women’s Day on March 8th Women’s History Month for wrapping up on March 31st, this time of year is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about our Legacy Program and to give toward female entrepreneurship through ROWAN in Uganda!

ROWAN has been empowering widows in the region for 14 years now. This year, every dollar you donate boosts our four-year Legacy Program to empower widows through financial literacy, so that they can open their own businesses and support their families!

When a widow enters the program, they first gain free access to our ROWAN medical clinic, weekly meals, and emergency care so they can focus on the trainings and courses. These include Literacy, Health, Business 101, Land Rights, Women’s Rights, and SO much more.

Learn more and give here!

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A Podcast To Remember

kelsey hargadine rowan

Kelsey Hargadine Calls You to DREAM on the Isn’t It Lovely Podcast

ROWAN’s co-founder recently joined podcast hosts Rachel Gage and Tracy Kirby on an episode of Isn’t It Lovely entitled “Isn’t It Lovely to Protect Your ‘Yes’?”

Throughout the episode, Kelsey talks dreams, callings, and risk on an episode you can’t miss! We love this quote:

“No, not everyone is called to Africa, but everyone has an Africa in their life.”

Kelsey discusses practical steps to listen and eliminate the noise and distractions in our lives and how, in doing so, we are intentional in what we let into our minds and clear the way to be actively hearing from God. She reminds listeners that there are dreams that they have from God that they were designed and created to say “YES!” to.

Here’s what to do next to uncover your zealous yes:

· Listen on Spotify or on Apple Music

· Read the blog from Isn’t It Lovely about this episode

If you listened to the episode, tell us in the comments what spoke to your heart the most!

Post Author: Micayla Jorgensen

Christmas Blessing Basket Distribution

Post Author: Micayla Jorgensen

Impact Update: 2021 Annual Report

From Chaos Comes Clarity

Despite several years of uncertainty, fear, and sickness, ROWAN supporters showed up in a big way for the widows and orphans we serve in rural Uganda.

This report says it all.

2021 Annual Report Highlights

We are humbled by the generosity of so many donors… and in awe of what God can do when so many people say “yes” to his loving nudges.

Whether you contributed financially to the $308,661 total raised, or you raised your voice in prayer, know that God is using you in big ways!

On Page 2, you can read ROWAN Co-Founder Kelsey Hargadine’s personal letter and reflections on the year.

If you’re more of a numbers person, Pages 4, 5, and 9 were made especially for you 🙂

On Pages 6 through 8, you’ll find stories of HOPE sprinkled throughout the whole year.

Read the whole 2021 Annual Report here. What stands out to you?

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ROWAN Annual Report – 2020

2020: The Year of God’s Faithfulness

In spite of (and in light of) the unpredictable, tumultuous year we all had, God proved faithful time and time again!

Thank you for partnering with us in serving hundreds of orphans and widows in rural Uganda. We invite you to celebrate with us as we see all of the small miracles that came through on behalf of these women and children, our neighbors.

We know that when disaster strikes, it always strikes the marginalized hardest. Thank you for the part you played in alleviating that suffering. Your prayers and gifts will have ripple effects for generations, and we’re already seeing evidence of that!

ROWAN deeply values integrity, accountability, and transparency with our community, and sharing this Annual Report for 2020 is one of the ways we are pleased to follow through on that. We hope you enjoy this snapshot filled with testimonies of hope in one of the hardest years the world has seen.



Download this PDF to check it out: 2020 Annual Report – ROWAN

Here’s a sneak peak…

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How to Make Sure You’re Receiving Newsletters

“Why am I not receiving ROWAN newsletters and email updates?”


We know you love seeing good news and exciting updates from ROWAN. If you’ve experienced problems receiving our email newsletters, it’s probably that they’re being mistakenly filtered out of your inbox.


The good news? It’s not your fault, and it’s easy to solve!


Here are some quick fixes to be sure your email settings aren’t preventing you from seeing our encouraging emails:


If you use Gmail:


1. At the top right of your email inbox, click Settings > Mail Settings > Filters (second from the left).

2. Click the tab that says Create a New Filter.

3. In the From field, type “” and “” without changing any other settings on this screen.

4. Click Next Step.

5. Check the box that says Star It.

6. Click Create Filter to confirm.



1. Open an email sent to you by ROWAN. (Check both the inbox and junk/spam folders.)

2. Click on More Options (three vertical dots) in the upper right-hand corner of the email.

3. Click on Add Sender Name to Contacts List.

4. A notification saying “The sender has been added to your contacts list” should appear at the bottom of the screen.

For Apple mail users: 

1. Open an email sent to you by ROWAN.

2. Click “Add to VIPs.” ….. or …..


1. Open an email from ROWAN.

2. Tap the email address or ROWAN (at the top of the email).

3. Tap ‘Create New Contact’ from the menu at the bottom of the screen.


If you use Microsoft Outlook:

1. From the menu, select Actions > Junk E-mail > Junk E-mail Options.

2. Go to the “Safe Senders” tab.

3. Click “Add.”

4. Type “” and “”.

5. Click “OK”.

6. Click “OK” or save.


For those of you using Hotmail/MSN:

1. Login to your Hotmail or MSN Mail account.

2. Click on Options > Junk Mail Protection > Safe List.

3. In the box provided type in “” and “”.

4. Click “Add”.

5. When you see the address you entered in the Safe List box, click on the “OK” button.


If you receive your emails through Yahoo! Mail:

1. Login and click on Mail Options (on the right of your screen) > Filters (on the left of your screen) > Add.

2. Assign a name for this filter: “ROWAN Emails”, for example.

3. Go to the top row labeled “FROM header” (it’s underneath the heading “if all of the following rules are true…”).

4. Click the dropdown menu. Select Contains, then type “” and “” in the box.

5. At the bottom, where it says “Move the message to:”, select “Inbox” from the dropdown menu.

Click Add Filter to confirm.


Need more help?

Click here for in-depth directions to help make sure your email settings are correct based on your email provider. If you’re still having trouble, please email


Please note: Regardless of your email provider, if you see an email from ROWAN in your Junk Mail folder, click “This Is Not Junk Mail” to avoid having ROWAN e-mails sent to the Junk Mail folder in the future!


Post Author: Micayla Jorgensen

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