Celebrating the Life of Ajuma Wilfred

A life well-lived

In a country with an average life expectancy of 63-years, we are so thankful to have known and loved Ajuma all the way up to the beautiful age of 80.

She passed away last month in her home town of Nakafunyu Village, located in the Bugiri District of Eastern Uganda.

At the time of her passing, she had two loving sponsors who supported her all the way to the end.

Although heart failure was the immediate cause of her death, the long term cause was her battle with HIV/Aids.

ROWAN was able to supply her with anti-retroviral treatment (the standard for HIV treatment), and we were heartbroken to find out she had become terminally ill. She received excellent palliative care in the days leading up to her last breath. The medical workers had done their best  in managing her condition although their efforts ended in vain. Ajuma passed away in her family home, surrounded by loved ones:  5 adult children (2 girls and 3 boys).

They were devastated to lose their mother, an incredible woman and huge part of our community.

Uganda-based ROWAN staff said,

“Ajuma will be remembered as a faithful woman who loved the Lord. She should be an inspiration and legacy for those whom she loved and related with.”

Her funeral was filled with friends, family, mourners, and ROWAN staff who contributed to the food to share with everyone as they poured out their memories, tears, and stories.

As we at ROWAN mourn the loss of our dear friend and jajja (grandma), we celebrate the time we had with her. It was a joy to help her through her medical needs and spreading hope in the name of Jesus! Thank you especially to Ajuma’s sponsors, for your love and support for her. You loved her tangibly on the ground, providing real care and support. You have been so committed and she was thankful for you every day.


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