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Christian radio in Uganda is #1 Tool

In most sectors of the world, God’s word is as close as the nearest hand held device.  It is completely different in Uganda; where Christian resources are hard to come by.  A recent study published by AMG (Advancing the Ministries of the Gospel), reports approximately 85% of pastors have no formal training or access to essentials like Bible commentaries. In extremely remote regions, some pastors lack complete copies of scripture.

AMG’s weekly Christian radio broadcast reaches approximately 12-million Ugandan listeners.  The platform is live, in local languages and gives its audience the opportunity to phone in questions concerning scripture and theology. The program is intended to introduce the Gospel while dispelling untruths and misguided beliefs about Christianity and God’s word through the scriptures (

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Post Author: Brad Young

Primary Education in Uganda

Stanbic Bank Uganda Limited is a large commercial bank headquartered in Kampala, licensed by the Bank of Uganda; the national banking regulator.   Stanbic Bank is a strong advocate of education in the country and produces a National Schools Championship annually. Stanbic Bank recently financed a comprehensive research on primary education in Uganda.  The findings were released on April 10, 2019. (

Only 7.5% of primary school going children finish primary.  Of that 7.5%, only 24% finish o-level.  Of those that complete o-level, only 5.4% finish A-level.  Of those that reach the tertiary level, only about 11% finish successfully. 


We are doing everything we can to infuse the amazing young people of ROWAN with hope for the future. Anything you can do to help, whether it is a one time donation or sponsoring someone directly is a gift that goes directly to those in need, prioritizing education. 

Post Author: Brad Young

HIV Vaccine in Sight

New HIV vaccine could expose latent virus and kill it!

Antiretroviral therapy may soon be obsolete, as scientists have successfully used immune cells to kick the dormant form of HIV out of its hiding place and destroy it. The findings may soon lead to an HIV vaccine. 

Antiretroviral therapy can keep HIV in check so well that the virus is near-undetectable in the blood. However, HIV continues to “live” in latent form, so people with it must keep taking the medications to prevent it from flaring up.

Antiretroviral therapy can have a host of side effects. These may include gastrointestinal problems, cardiovascular problems, insulin resistance, and bleeding events, as well as effects on bone density, liver health, and neurological and psychiatric health.

So, the search for an HIV cure is ongoing. Now, new research may have found a way to “drag” the virus out of its hiding place and neutralize it. The findings may lead to a vaccine that would allow people living with HIV to stop taking antiretroviral medication every day. (Medical News Today 04/09/2019)

Senior study author Robbie Mailliard, Ph.D. — an assistant professor of infectious diseases and microbiology at the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health in Pennsylvania — and colleagues have published their findings in the journal EBioMedicine.

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Post Author: Brad Young

Tourist Freed Unharmed

An American tourist and her unarmed tour guide were kidnapped on April 2, 2019 inside one of Uganda’s national game-parks.  Both were freed unharmed just inside the Congo border after five days of captivity; according to the Uganda Police Force and the Uganda Wildlife Authority.  Both agencies report this to be an isolated incident, where recommended security protocols were neglected by the victims.  (for additional information refer to Uganda Police Force Information Resource Center @

What can we learn from this?

International security measures remain the same, regardless of the country and may vary depending on the venue.  Always adhere to safety recommendations of the governing authorities. These will usually include:  1.) never venture alone 2.) avoid isolated areas 3.) travel during day light hours 4.) avoid carrying valuables and 5.) awareness of surrounding areas. 

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More Sudanese Refugees Coming to Uganda

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Uganda/Rwanda Tension on the Rise

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