DEADLINE EXTENDED – are you big-hearted & adventure-hungry?

If you clutch courage tightly in one hand and compassion in the other, we want you on our team!

***The original deadline for this trip was August 31st, but we wondered if we missed a few
compassionate trailblazers. If that’s you, we don’t want you to miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime!
So we decided to extend our deadline through the end of September. ***

At ROWAN, we’re all about finding creative ways to bring hope to the helpless.
This time, we’re coming at it from a new angle. A very steep angle. Like tallest-mountain-in-Africa steep…
We will be conquering Mt. Kilimanjaro and spending some time in a ROWAN village! During this trip, you’ll get to see exactly how your generosity, prayers, and participation impact real people every single day.
A few fun facts if you’re still on the fence:
 This trek up Kilimanjaro will feature a great variety in scenery, as you will hike through FIVE
completely different climates!
 By the end, you will have conquered the most accessible high altitude challenge available.
 From the top, you will watch an unfathomably beautiful sunrise and enjoy a clear view of the Earth’s

Ready to apply?! CLICK HERE! When you’re finished, send your completed application to
For some fun facts about Kilimanjaro, follow this link.
To learn more about the company we’re going with, click here.
And finally: the last link! The one below will take you to the main page so that you can explore the details of the trip 🙂

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