2010 Christmas Party

A few days ago we added a quick post showing images of planning for the 2010 Christmas party at ROWAN. We must admit, the holiday smiles are irristable & our goal was to see one from every kid present. This year, a volunteer team from Kampala joined Pastor Paul, Kelsey, Christine & the ROWAN staff in celebrating Christmas in Mawanga. Clearly the celebration started long before the actual party began, but that’s what the holidays are all about! Continue reading “2010 Christmas Party”

Christmas Planning 2010

Another fun flashback post to share. We know that Christmas is well behind us, but then so is 2010. This is a quick post with some photos of everyone planning for the year’s Christmas party. As we have so many children under our care at ROWAN, this is a big, festive time of year for everyone. Plus, the celebration began way before the actual party started. We don’t have a lot of these pics, but the excitement on everyone’s faces is palpable & worth sharing! Continue reading “Christmas Planning 2010”