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Uganda Unite: 2016 Summit!

Tomorrow, fourteen organizations will be involved in our 2nd annual summit for Uganda Unite!

We are building on what we learned from each other last year and striving to focus on key issues facing non-profit organizations in Uganda. We are thrilled to have Unbridled Acts hosting this event again and so thankful to Unbridled Solutions for providing a meeting place for us. Our goal is to use this summit to strengthen strategies for maximum impact in Uganda. This year we will be able to glean from the wisdom of our keynote speakers who have expertise in various areas including leadership, organizational growth and donor relations and fundraising strategies.

The outcomes we hope to achieve are to:
– Strengthen challenging areas mentioned at last year’s Uganda Unite event
– Learn from outside experts on key topics
– Continue to cultivate partnerships with each other
– Share learning

I am so excited to once again gather with a group of individuals who share a passion for the country and people of Uganda. There will be opportunities to connect with each other, engage in meaningful discussion and unite for a purpose we all believe in — impacting and empowering the next generation in Uganda to change their country.

“Together we learn, collaborate and share how to best impact the nation we love so dearly.”

~Kelsey Hargadine, co-founder

Post Author: Kelsey

Shukran is growing!

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gma with shukran
Remember baby Shukran? She was born prematurely and the odds were against her to survive. But not only did she survive, she is thriving! Look at this chubby little girl. She received the nutrition she needed and she is growing and developing wonderfully. It is hard to believe that she began her little life at less than four pounds with a diet consisting mainly of well water.
shukran 2
Fortunately, there were people who were willing to step up and provide the funds necessary to empower grandma to take care of sweet Shukran. She got the formula she needed and that gave her the chance for a much brighter future. We are so excited to see her progress and grow into a healthy, happy little girl. Thank you to our supporters for answering the call and opening your hearts to give to ROWAN – it might seem small, but it made all the difference for Shukran!

Do you want to help others like Shukran so they can have the nutrition, education and nurture that they need? $38 a month can change the future of an orphan in Uganda.

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Post Author: Kelsey

Famine in Uganda

With an extreme dry season followed by very heavy rains, crops in Uganda are suffering. This past planting season many in our village planted numerous crops awaiting temperate rains to provide a fruitful harvest. Unfortunately, that rain was replaced with extreme heat and dryness and followed by monsoon rains leaving crops in complete disarray.
At the ROWAN center Pastor Paul planted 9 acres of maize to feed the children at Saturday program. He would normally be able to harvest 30 bags of maize from that crop but will instead harvest 3 bags. Because so many crops have been washed away many in the villages are not able to eat as much or sell their crops for income. We are encouraging everyone to join together to support this community to reduce the burden of this famine.
Join our cause today by donating to Urgent Needs.

Post Author: Kelsey

Rebuild Hope, Brick by Brick

Donate to our Mother’s Day Project!

What are you giving your mom for Mother’s Day? We just raised funds for three brick machines to use in our villages in Uganda — you can help us rebuild hope by purchasing a bag of cement!

What usually happens locally is people either build using mud huts with thatched roofs, or they burn local bricks using local soil. Once the local bricks are done they use cement between the bricks to hold them in place. The bricks are fragile,the process is very time-consuming and these structures do not always hold up well under severe weather. In some circumstances, we have had villagers lose their homes to heavy rain, strong winds, or a combination of the two.
The good news is that a construction company is donating two brick machines — and we were able to raise funds for a third! This will be huge in production and multiplication across our 30 villages. Although the brick machines are covered, we still need to buy cement. Here is some information regarding the brick machines we will be purchasing.
They are manual brick machines and highly recommended by Habitat for Humanity in Uganda. The machines make interlocking bricks using cement, soil and sand. The blocks are much bigger and hold together better than local bricks. They also do not require extra cement to keep them in place; they just need to interlock. Each machine requires four people to work it and one bag of cement makes 150 blocks.
And we already have a task force! Our students are headed back to Mawanga on holiday…and their ROWAN project? to make bricks with our new machines — thank you friends and thank you Jesus! Join the brick making team and help them make as many bricks as they can!
rowan students
Donate to our Mother’s Day Project!

Post Author: Kelsey

Help us change lives through sponsorship!

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ROWAN is a faith-based community of widows, widowers, caregivers and orphans affected by the plight of HIV/AIDS. We have been in existence since 2008 and are now supporting over 300 members across 30 villages. Together we create holistic approaches toward poverty alleviation, resulting in self-reliance.
ROWAN supports the widow or orphan until they are able to sustain themselves with no cut off age. We see students finish school and begin their first jobs; we train widows on starting their own businesses, save and take care of their family. You get to be a vital part of their journey!

Every widow a leader; every orphan a beloved child.

IMG_3341 1
Every single person in this world craves connection. We were created in the image of God and He is a relational being. And every child desires to be wanted; to be loved. Our motto here at ROWAN is for every orphan to become a beloved child. In God’s eyes each individual is unique and worthy of unconditional love. Many wonder why we don’t have an orphanage to care for these children. It is our firm belief that they should belong somewhere, so we try to put them into a family unit. Because of the devastation HIV/AIDS has had in these villages, at times it can be difficult to find someone to care for these orphans. Grandparents will often take in their grandchildren after losing their children to this horrible disease. ROWAN strives to empower and encourage sustainability. So while we can’t take in each one of these orphans, we can support those in the community who choose to do so. Would you be willing to help us in this endeavor?
And then there are the widows…and widowers who have lost a spouse, and often the means to be able to provide for their families. We work with these caregivers to train them in business, to teach them to farm various crops and to develop a habit of saving their hard-earned money. We partner with other organizations like Little Man Ice Cream to be able to provide rice for them and their children. We empower them to change their futures and become leaders in their communities, while showing them how much Jesus loves them. Won’t you be a part of supporting them so they can raise their children to effect change in Uganda?

Sponsorship starts at $38 a month – that’s $1.26 a day!

Your contribution will help change the lives of women and children in Uganda. ROWAN has recently moved to a new sponsorship software for easy payment updates and access to your sponsorship profiles. There are numerous advantages to our new system. We pray that this new software will connect you even closer to your widow/child, and we are excited to make this possible!
Have more questions? Go to our frequently asked questions page on sponsorship.

Sponsor today!

Post Author: Kelsey

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