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gma with shukran
Remember baby Shukran? She was born prematurely and the odds were against her to survive. But not only did she survive, she is thriving! Look at this chubby little girl. She received the nutrition she needed and she is growing and developing wonderfully. It is hard to believe that she began her little life at less than four pounds with a diet consisting mainly of well water.
shukran 2
Fortunately, there were people who were willing to step up and provide the funds necessary to empower grandma to take care of sweet Shukran. She got the formula she needed and that gave her the chance for a much brighter future. We are so excited to see her progress and grow into a healthy, happy little girl. Thank you to our supporters for answering the call and opening your hearts to give to ROWAN – it might seem small, but it made all the difference for Shukran!

Do you want to help others like Shukran so they can have the nutrition, education and nurture that they need? $38 a month can change the future of an orphan in Uganda.

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