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Donate to our Mother’s Day Project!

What are you giving your mom for Mother’s Day? We just raised funds for three brick machines to use in our villages in Uganda — you can help us rebuild hope by purchasing a bag of cement!

What usually happens locally is people either build using mud huts with thatched roofs, or they burn local bricks using local soil. Once the local bricks are done they use cement between the bricks to hold them in place. The bricks are fragile,the process is very time-consuming and these structures do not always hold up well under severe weather. In some circumstances, we have had villagers lose their homes to heavy rain, strong winds, or a combination of the two.
The good news is that a construction company is donating two brick machines — and we were able to raise funds for a third! This will be huge in production and multiplication across our 30 villages. Although the brick machines are covered, we still need to buy cement. Here is some information regarding the brick machines we will be purchasing.
They are manual brick machines and highly recommended by Habitat for Humanity in Uganda. The machines make interlocking bricks using cement, soil and sand. The blocks are much bigger and hold together better than local bricks. They also do not require extra cement to keep them in place; they just need to interlock. Each machine requires four people to work it and one bag of cement makes 150 blocks.
And we already have a task force! Our students are headed back to Mawanga on holiday…and their ROWAN project? to make bricks with our new machines — thank you friends and thank you Jesus! Join the brick making team and help them make as many bricks as they can!
rowan students
Donate to our Mother’s Day Project!

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