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Photography Business Sponsors 3 ROWAN members

ROWAN’s network recently grew as photographers Sarah & Brad joined our ROWAN family. They have chosen to donate a portion of their photography proceeds to sponsoring 2 orphans and 1 widow, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. They will truly save the lives of these three individuals by simply saying “YES” to making a difference with their business!
Sarah & Brad are based in Denver, Colorado, and are professional wedding and portrait photographers. Every time someone chooses to work with Sarah & Brad, they will be investing in the lives of women and children across the world.
This is what it is all about. Picture Perfect.
Contact us to Sponsor a child or widow today!

Post Author: Kelsey

New ROWAN Sponsorship Program

Empowering orphans & widows with HIV/AIDS toward self-reliance

ROWAN is proud to announce our new sponsorship program for orphans and widows infected or affected with HIV/AIDS. ROWAN is built upon a family model- each contributing various roles to accomplish one main goal: empowerment.
When you join our family (family means amaka in Uganda), you choose a widow or orphan where you can build a relationship across the seas through letters and photographs. For $38 a month, you will empower your sponsored child or widow with medical needs, literacy and education expenses, micro enterprise start ups, and lead them on the path toward self-reliance.

Where will my money go?

For $38 a month you are not only helping your specific family member, you are helping the entire community. Your monthly donation is combined with the gifts of other sponsors to provide a quality education, basic healthcare, business start-up training and feeding program for hundreds of community members. You can trust that your donation impacts the daily life of the impoverished communities we serve and provides hope for it’s children and widows.

How can I communicate to my sponsored widow or orphan?

You will be able to write letters and send photographs of your family at least 2x a year! Details are emailed to you once you sign up for sponsorship.

How long do I sponsor a widow or orphan?

Depending on where the student or widow is in the program, our goal is to see them become self-reliant. For students, that means helping them find their calling and equipping them with training to get a job and take care of themselves. For widows, we help them start or sustain their business, teach them how to save and take care of their own families! If you can only sponsor for a limited amount of time, it is our job to make sure that they receive another sponsor to support them to the end. Any amount time you can sponsor is worth it!

Can I meet my Sponsored widow or orphan?

ROWAN is working on creating teams of sponsors to visit their sponsee in the future. It is on our heart for you to meet your ROWAN family member. Do let us know if you are seriously interested in visiting and we will begin working on teams for 2015!
Sign up Today!

Post Author: Kelsey

What is ROWAN's secret weapon?

Pastor Paul has a secret weapon. And that secret weapon has many names.
Some call her Mama. Others call her Edisa. English speakers call her Edith.
Pastor Paul has a library of names.
First off, she is his sweat heart. When he speaks about her, this smile can not be hidden from his face.
Second, she is the Minister of Home Affairs. Anytime things are going on at home, he must check in with the minister.
But our all time favorite, his most endearing name above all names….

The only bean in his soup.

After 30+ years of marriage, mama is the glue that holds this ministry together. Pastor Paul’s name is spoken of frequently, but mama’s name is written in the hearts of every person who visits Mawanga. When you are in her presence, you feel peace. You feel strength. You feel the spirit of God at work. Her touch is like a mother’s touch, whether you’re 13 or 70- you feel take care of.
Besides having the gift of hospitality, she is the women local leader in the district. Anyone with relational problems in the home run to her. She counsels. She instructs, she exemplifies a godly marriage. And she never stepped foot in the classroom.
And this woman with countless names is the one that blesses you with a Ugandan name when you visit her home. She prays, seeks God on direction, and every name that has come from her mouth is the highest form of a gift you will ever receive.
As they say in Uganda “If men are the head, women are the neck.” In this case, mama is the rudder for this organization, and Pastor will be the first to mention that.
Thank God for this powerhouse couple paving the way.

Post Author: Kelsey

Girl Power

Today marks the International Day of the Girl Child, started in 2011 by the UN to raise awareness for abuses against girls across the globe.
64% of the world’s illiterate are women. This number means something. It means that either women are simply not smart world-wide, or that something is holding them back from their dreams and visions.
We know it is the latter.
In our corner of the earth HIV and AIDS, abuse and poverty are what’s holding our girl’s back from their destiny. We know that getting them in the classroom will not only benefit their futures, but the future of their families and communities.

Meet Mariam.

Mariam is a living testimony. She was taken advantage of and abused at a young age. She ended up pregnant, living with her aunt after her parents both died of AIDS. Her aunt encouraged her to have an abortion. Without a dime to her name, she performed the procedure from home, left to die.
Pastor Paul found her, took her to the nearest hospital, and saved her life. Once she was well, ROWAN placed her in a secondary school where she decided to use her story to impact every girl she met.
Today she is finishing her Communication Degree to spread the world about abortion and neglect- and to help train women to have a voice.

Faith is the currency of hope.

Education is the channel that hope passes through to see visible change.
Mariam’s life is our dream come true.

Post Author: Kelsey

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