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Special Easter Message Just for You

Dear Friends,

“I am the resurrection and the Life. He who believes in me will Live, even though he dies.” John 11:25

What a Joy it is to know that more than 2000 years ago, Christ chose to die for us even when we did not deserve it. He died; because we needed it. He did not wait for us to ask of Him. He Freely offered Himself. It’s the same Love that God continues to show us through his son Jesus Christ. We know that we can trust him who knows us and who loves us beyond measure.


…is a time to reflect on how much we have been blessed, even when we do not deserve it. It’s a time to remember that Christ died so that we may live. 2Cor 5:14 says “for Christ’s love compels us, because we are convinced that one died for all and therefore all died. And He died for all so that those who live should no longer live for themselves but Him who died for them and was raised again.”
I hope in this Easter Season we will remember to extend this love to those around us.
But most of all I hope we remember that love is a free gift.
The World is slowly moving into an era of moral decadence. Turn on the evening news and you will be overwhelmed by what is happening around the world: corruption, scandals, HIV/AIDS prevalence on the rise, cases of child abuse/child sacrifices and other forms of abuse, early marriages,poverty, divorce, domestic violence, murder, the list is endless.
The World is in dire need of Revival and Redemption. We have a choice, we can choose to sit back and do nothing or we can actively seek to revive our countries, beginning with ourselves.

ROWAN is very strategic in the shaping of the kind of morals that can be the change agents in the communities.

It’s my prayer that we become active advocates for the change we want to see in our countries. This is the time to speak up against the evil in our times and to lead with courage. This is the time to do away with the evil habits in our midst even if it costs much. Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection reminds us that He does not condone sin and therefore His love should compel us to selflessly serve His people.
On behalf of ROWAN Uganda and myself, I would like to thank you for the commitment and passion that you have for ROWAN and AMAKA Family God bless you.
Happy Easter, my dear Brethrens.
Yours sincerely,
Pastor Paul Nyende
Vision Bearer and Founder of ROWAN

Post Author: Kelsey

Ladies, Have a Jewelry Party!

Great Friends, Great Food, and Great Beads

Do you want to make a difference and have fun doing it? Host a ROWAN bead Party. Here are the 4 easy steps:
1. Contact Us and tell us you would like to order a bead kit.
2. Tell us if you would like a Small Kit (10 pieces), Medium Kit (20 pieces), or Large Kit (30 pieces.)
3. Organize the party from your home, office or community group!
4. A ROWAN volunteer will mail you a kit with the beads, info cards, and DVD with videos about ROWAN and how the beads are made.
5. Once your event is over, mail back your box with the remaining beads and the checks.
Contact us to Host a Party!

Learn more about love, ROWAN beads

Post Author: Kelsey

Got Glamour?

GLAMOUR Magazine Instagrams ROWAN Beads

Order Necklace at Store Today and Receive by April 20th!

PRE-ORDER at Store Today
It’s time to express some true beauty in a big way.
Brooke Danielson, one of the Associate Accessories Editor at GLAMOUR Magazine, got her hands on one our Shabby Chic necklace pieces recently and fell in love with our work and our cause. She said,
“My heart melted when I saw my very first ROWAN necklace. The Craftsmanship and attention to detail, not to mention the beautiful beads, are oustanding. To know that women in Africa are making these to better themselves, their families and communities is admirable to say the least. I am encouraged and grateful when wearing it!”
This morning Brooke broadcasted this piece on @glamourmag Instagram to over 200,000 followers to raise awareness & find out how many would purchase this piece to support our widows. Right now widows in Uganda are rolling these beads into a beautiful Shabby Chic masterpiece, and will be on sale by next month just in time for summer!
Stay tuned on @glamourmag and for details of when they hit the USA
Video on Ugandan bead making

Post Author: Kelsey

What is the Fastest Growing Problem in Uganda?

ROWAN’s founder shares his passion for positive parenting.

A Letter from Pastor Paul. March 21, 2013
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Hello, fellow Advocates of Children in Rural Communities,
Good morning, We do appreciate you for all the good work you do for the ministry.
The whole of this week I have been thinking about how some of the children who live with care givers or with Step moms suffer in Uganda. There is great need for us to step up our advocacy skills to protect the children and their rights-and to sensitize the caregivers, parents and the entire community about positive parenting. We conducted a 1 day training for our caregivers yesterday which we will continue to do on a regular basis.

Child abuse is one of the fast growing challenges in Uganda today, caused by ignorance of the law.

In order to be relevant to the current struggles of our orphans, child advocacy is considered one of our key areas of our work.
There was a horrible story in the paper this week about a young girl who was almost killed by her step mom due to physical trauma.
Let us think about this seriously. I discovered that our children feel love and peace when they are at our ROWAN base, but when they go back there is tears all the time.
Fellow advocates let us speak for these voiceless children, God has given us everything possible to help these children.
From Pastor Paul with broken heart for children who suffer

Post Author: Kelsey

How to Bridge the Gap Between Cities & Villages.

Local Volunteerism is the Answer.

If someone travels from the capital of Uganda, Kampala to Mawanga village in one day, it will feel as if he/she traveled to a different country. In Kampala (or any urban city in Uganda), people are dressed in jeans, driving to work, and visiting Lake Victoria on holidays. Hospitals are readily available, movie theaters are packed,and hamburgers are on the menu.
In Mawanga, women are dressed in gomazi dresses tilling their land and most are struggling for survival. Clinic shelves are empty and most families are lucky if they eat rice and beans. Thatch roofs are caving in, and the water wells are few.
One ROWAN volunteer from Kampala admitted,

“I grew up in Kampala my whole life. The first time I spent the night in a village was in Mawanga. I was 23 years old. I had no idea what type of life people lived until I visited their homes. I knew that I had the ability to do something. And so did my friends.”

Now this volunteer and others are helping the villages in ROWAN. There have been several local teams who built roofs, donated goods and clothes, and much more.
ROWAN believes that there is a huge gap between the city and village communities.
There is no better way to transform culture than by focusing on local volunteerism.
Are you Ugandan & Want to Volunteer?

Post Author: Kelsey

Now your donation will Double

Giving of Life Grant
Introducing this “Spring into Action” Season with Giving of Life Grants. Every $1 you donate will double up to $1000!
This season’s project: Helping ROWAN fund a Mobile Nurse
Need: The Current local clinic in our region is no longer in service. All of our widows and people sick with HIV/AIDS must travel far to receive basic treatment and medication.
Solution: If we raise $2,000 in this campaign, we will be able to hire a mobile nurse on staff to travel throughout our 30 villages providing check-ups, distributing medication, and offer counsel and support to those in need.
Check it out here

Post Author: Kelsey

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