What's the plan for the land?


Land is indeed the greatest investment.

ROWAN bought 13 more beautiful acres close to our center! Many of us think there is plenty of land in the rural areas, but it is not so easy to find the right plot. Much of the land is owned by certain clans, which is terribly hard to buy. We were blessed that only a few minutes away was this amazing piece of land with rich soil, marsh lands for water and plenty of flat area to plant. So what is our plan, you ask?
GOATS. You know we love goats. And you love goats, because you helped us purchase over 250 of them 2 years ago! Since then, many of the goats have given birth and they all agreed to bless ROWAN with the first born from each goat. So Pastor Paul has phone calls coming in asking where to drop off these baby goats! Over 100 of them are ready to be given back to the ministry. So…it’s time for a goat farm.
We will build a goat shelter and house these goats. As we promised we will give away many of the goats to families in need. We will also continue to breed them and sell some for local income which will help pay for the project and soon help pay for local salaries on the ground. We want to become sustainable as an organization as we are teaching our people how to sustain their families.
We will also plant crops on this land and put up silos for storing food for times of famine (like right now.) We need to plan ahead and preserve what we can for our people.
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