Unspeakable Joy

We hear and share so many stories on a daily basis here at ROWAN. They aren’t always easy to listen to, and many times we feel helpless when we see the need. But we are called to be faithful in the task God has set before us, so we persist. And every time we are amazed at what God can do and how the gifts are multiplied. We remember that Hope Doesn’t Disappoint.
Several weeks ago we told you about Sarah and the situation she was in. She had many children to care for, and her house was destroyed by the heavy rains and wind due to a long wet season. Her home became an unsafe structure and she had nowhere to live.
Through a series of events we were able to raise money to purchase brick machines and supplies to make bricks. A team of workers was assembled and along with help from our June 2016 team, a house was constructed for Sarah and her family. The team of volunteers in Mawanga are ready to build the next home and inspired to come alongside others who are in need of a new house.

Sarah is so thankful she doesn’t have any words — just unspeakable joy.

june team 2016
Whether you prayed, gave, donated resources, or time and labor…God has used those actions in a mighty way and is multiplying the results. Thank you, dear friends for your part in these stories. Keep praying as we watch God provide for our people!

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