Uganda Unite — What Does 2016 Hold?


So many unique individuals, so many different backgrounds, such varied organizational goals, but a shared passion for a small country in East Africa. Uganda Unite was several months ago, but we continue to see the ripple effect to this day.

Friendships formed, relationships built, mentoring actively happening, collaboration to reach a shared goal — all of this is a direct result of coming together and uniting for a cause; the precious people of Uganda.
And we are looking ahead to the next event where we will once again gather those who have had a part of their heart captured by this beautiful land of contrasts. As I observe the many individuals and organizations planning trips to Uganda in the coming weeks and months, I can’t help but get excited. Together we can make a difference and the potential we have to do so is incredible.
Already we have seen such a spirit of unity through opportunities for business training, willingness to bring back items from Uganda for others, coming together for various events and sharing of resources or experience with each other. I have been encouraged, inspired and I am eager to see what 2016 holds for this group of world-changers. I’ll keep everyone posted on what’s to come…we are in the planning stages for the next meeting of Uganda Unite!

Happy New Year everyone! Hope and pray you are all doing well and that 2016 is the best year for your organization yet! I am stirring up some ideas for us for 2016…so stay tuned! I’ve been in touch with many of you and so glad we can be there for one another.
~Kelsey Hargadine, co-founder of ROWAN


Pray with us as we look ahead and strive to come together to build on what has been started and move towards the next big thing.

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