Transportation in Uganda and the ROWAN Love Bus

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One of the most interesting things in Uganda is the various methods of transportation that are used. Depending on where we were, there many options available, from bicycles, boda-bodas (motorcycle taxis), cars, and taxis. Now when you think ‘taxi’ a certain picture comes to mind, right? Usually a small yellow vehicle with the capacity to carry a handful of people and small amount of luggage. But in Uganda they come in all shapes and sizes and they pack as many people in as possible.
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As you can see, we have far too many children in our programs to fit into the van Pastor has. Even with two vans, the amount of people we are able to transport is still rather limited.
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Even though Ugandans can fit an amazing amount of people, livestock and various other things on a boda-boda, there is no way we could bring all of the children from 30 neighboring villages every week.
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So, the only other option available is to walk. And while these children walk almost everywhere, the distance is simply too far for many of them. This contributes to a fluctuation in number of attendance for our weekly Saturday program.

As we have grown, so have the needs of our communities. We want to stay in a central location, but still be able to minister to orphans, widows and their families who are affected by HIV/AIDS effectively. Which brings me to exciting news — we are moving forward in faith to pursue getting an 18-passenger bus so that we can bring our members to various events despite the distance.

Friends, we have so many children and women in our program across 30 villages, it’s time to buy a BUS! Thanks to Cornerstone Community Church Singapore, they kick-started this campaign donating $5,000! $12,000 more to go!
~Kelsey Hargadine, co-founder

Donate towards the ROWAN love bus!

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