Too Much Cuteness from Our Prenatal Clinic!

Celebrate with us! This precious boy is the first baby to be born in ROWAN’s prenatal clinic.

Amuge Hadija is a brand new mama, and babies don’t come much newer than this beautiful baby boy of hers.
He may be the first one to be born here, but it doesn’t look like he’ll be the lastwe are expected to have about 30 pregnant mamas coming to our clinic in the near future!
In order to ensure that these women receive proper care, ROWAN is actively pursuing a grant for prenatal vitamins. Unfortunately, the government and other organizations in the ROWAN area do not supply prenatals. Therefore, we are advocating for our women and finding a way to get these vitamins to them. Without the vital nutrients found in prenatal vitamins, it can be more challenging to prevent or combat problems that may arise with a pregnancy.
ROWAN loves to empower and equip Ugandan mothers as they bravely embark on the adventure of motherhood!
Do you share our heart for these women and babies? Join us! We seek to provide high quality medical care to the people of Uganda, beginning with the widows, orphans, and women just like Amuge Hadija, who is learning quickly and working hard to be there in every way for her new son.

We need you on our team!

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