The Young Lady Behind the ROWAN Camera


This lovely lady, at just 16 years old, is working magic behind the camera in order to capture the raw joy, deep hope, and authentic resilience of our ROWAN members. Here’s a note from her!

“Hey! My name is Cana Ditty and I live in Jinja, Uganda. I am so grateful for this opportunity to meet and take photos of such wonderful people. You can just tell that every single child and widow adores ROWAN so much for all that they do to help and equip them. They are so radiant and thankful for the support! It was such a joy to photograph them and to see their happiness. The people were so welcoming and caring… I am grateful for ROWAN and all that they are doing.  They are making a huge difference in Uganda!”

Keep scrolling to see some of the beautiful photos she captured!

Are you interested in sponsoring one of our incredible orphans or widows? Many of those in our community, including some of those pictured above, are waiting for a sponsor like you. Let’s come alongside them to empower and enable them to achieve their dreams!


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