The secret about goats may surprise you.

That’s right, we are putting all our eggs into the goat basket. 

Ingredients for our current goat farm:

* 200-250 goats (3-5 male goats, rest female)

* 17 acres

* goat house

* Managers House with full time manager

* office and part time room

* grass and water

* fencing

* laptop for financial tracking

*local market to sell goats

What reward will ROWAN receive in return?

* Every initial goat is given back to ROWAN from each of our members. They were gifted a female goat back in 2016, and today each one of them is gifting back one baby goat. 

* Each goat is worth about $85.00 when sold.

* As the goat farm grows, and we begin selling goats, sustainability is created.

All sales from local goats (About $20,000-$30,000 per year) will go toward sustaining the 20 local salaries  in Uganda. 

What is the only ingredient missing? 

We need a goat well. 

It sounds strange, but now you can see why the need is so great. This is the last and final piece needed to really take off. The current water source is over 2 miles away, and we need water right on our land.

Will you help us? 

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