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Christmas Party + Ice Cream = Everything

Together we raised over $38,000

to buy a bus for ROWAN.

For ROWAN members, the new bus means everything:

– no more time wasted walking countless hours to get to the Hall of Hope

– time + energy reinvested in education + business

– fewer safety threats along the way + more accessible healthcare

– field trip + exploration opportunities

Pastor Paul made the announcement at the Christmas Party. Check out the video:

There was dancing, praying, singing, and lots of laughing. People tried ice cream for the first time ever, they thanked God, and the excitement was off the charts. See for yourself:









Remember when we fundraised for the Hall of Hope for Christmas in 2017?

Here it is: everyone gathered under one roof.


We’re praising God for how far we’ve come in the last decade

and so excited to see where he takes us in the coming decade.


Thanks for supporting ROWAN!


Post Author: Micayla

Cyber Monday Called…

…it wants you to give the gift of


If you’re like most of us, each year while shopping for Christmas gifts you might catch yourself thinking,

“This is great. But it’s all just… stuff.”

Relatable? Well, you don’t have to feel that way today. 

Reports divulge that on Cyber Monday in 2018, Americans spent $7.9 billion. On stuff. We’re still waiting to see what the numbers are this year, but we all know one thing: they’ll be up there.

In the midst of the chaos created during what ought to be the most peaceful time of the year,

consider making a donation in someone’s honor.

It’s easier than wading through online shopping ads, it’s faster than cutting coupons, and it’s just downright fun to be part of something important. When you give a gift in someone’s honor, you’ll help them feel confident that they left this world a bit better than they found it. With this gift, you’re saying,

“I know you’re the type of person who would care about something like this; I know you’re a helper. I appreciate that about you. That’s why I gave this gift in your honor.”

Do you have a child or grandchild who rides a bus? Or maybe your little tribe is just starting to feel like they’ve mastered the bus schedule this year. Are you friends or neighbors with any bus drivers? Do you know any teachers who work at schools where buses safely pick up and drop off students each day? How many buses will you see while you’re driving to work tomorrow?

To many of us, buses have become commonplace. We see school buses, public transit city buses, double-decker buses, mini-buses, shuttle buses, luxury coach buses… but in Mawanga, most folks still get around with the same transportation they were born with: their own two feet.

When you give a bus pass in someone’s honor, that gift restores up to 10 hours in an orphan or widow’s day that they would have spent walking. That could be 70 hours in a week… or up to 3,640 hours in a year. Imagine the possibilities.

Give a Christmas gift your friends and family won’t forget.

Give them a gift they’ll be proud of.


Post Author: Micayla

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