Name: Moses Sande (#36)
Gender: male
Birth Date (Rough Estimate): 6/20/2005
Age: 9
Location: Nakafunvu Village, Uganda (Iganga District on Map)
Education: Primary 2
Monthly Sponsorship: $38
Moses is one little goof ball that loves to run around and play until he falls over with exhaustion! His father died of HIV/AIDS and his mother is no where to be found, so he lives with a ROWAN caregiver with his brother (also named Moses). Moses is one of our original ROWAN members, and we are excited to continue to support his daily needs while developing his gifts and passions. He loves coming to ROWAN’s Saturday program where he can see his friends, eat lots of rice and beads, and play all day. His chores at home consist of cleaning and gathering firewood.

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