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At ROWAN we strive to help young people who have been infected or affected by AIDS/ HIV. Our main objective is to keep everyone who needs it fed, healthy & learning new skills. Your donations & sponsorships help us see to our vision, allowing us to focus on the important things: hugging, loving & building a future for the ones who need it. Tis’ the season to help a young man achieve his dreams!

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About James

James comes from the Bugiri district. His father passed away a long time ago & his mother is unable to take care of him, so he lives with his uncle. He is a bright, helpful young man who helps around the house with laundry & dishes when he isn’t studying hard for his classes.
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Learning a Trade

James is currently studying for a certificate in mechanics at the Jambo Garage School. He is learning a lot of very useful skills which will help him to become more independent, while sustaining himself & his family. We are so proud of James! We hope to help him graduate & see him gain good employment.
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Please Help if You Can

We are doing everything we can to provide the amazing young people of ROWAN with hope for the future. Anything you can do to help, whether it is a one time donation or sponsoring someone is an amazing gift that goes directly to the people who need it. To learn more about sponsoring James, please visit his sponsorship page.

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