Name: Getu Kagoya (#7)
Gender: Female
Birth Date: 4/29/1945
Age: 68 years old
Location: Busambira village, Uganda
Monthly Sponsorship: $38
Getu is one of ROWAN’s precious widows. She lost her husband years ago of HIV/AIDS, and lives in a remote village in Eastern Uganda alone. Getu doesn’t have any children. She has spent most of her life in the garden as a peasant, and she joined ROWAN in the in 2009. She has no way to make a living besides the small crops in her garden, but she is getting arthritis and struggling to do hard labor. She loves ROWAN because it has given her a sense of family and security. She is a Christian and attends Pastor Paul’s local church. She is a blessing in the community, and she is in need of someone to continue to encourage her in her faith!

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