So here's the down low on Antlers for Orphans


What is the deal with Antlers?

Many of you may have received our antler pendant in your Buddhibox Subscription! And just so you know, this box went out to 2,000 people who will hear about us for the first time! So if this is your first time to our site, welcome. We are so glad you are here. We love on orphans and widows affected/infected with HIV/AIDS in Uganda. Check out our videos under “About Us” for more!
Ok so back to the antlers. My husband is an avid outdoors man, and he came home one day from looking for antlers and said, “Antlers for Orphans.” I blinked. “Ok, what does that mean?” Little did I know he had such a Divine idea.
So get this, antlers fall off of deer and elk every year, and then they grow new larger ones. Pretty cool really. Well “antler hunting” has become and avid sport among nature lovers as they are not only the best version of an adult Easter egg hunt, but they also have value. Many people sell them and use them for dog chews, furniture, etc. The fact is, the demand is high. So Thaddeus said, “What if we encouraged the entire nation to donate antlers and we sell them for $$ for our orphans in Uganda?”

“You mean use a natural resource to meet a real need?”

Boom, our tag line flew out of my mouth. I couldn’t believe what an amazing idea this was, and two years later, here we are over at! All funds are pouring back into our orphan care here in ROWAN, but we are appealing to the hunters, outdoors man, and families to get outside and find antlers!
So if you got an antler necklace in your box, wear it with pride you are supporting not only our orphans, but an active lifestyle of giving back. The perfect storm of generosity.
Want to order an antler pendant? Visit our Etsy shop here!

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