Recently, the ROWAN community decided to start 2018 off right:


The local ROWAN Staff Members work tirelessly throughout the year to help others, ensure needs are met, and to fill in any gaps when something needs to get done.

They are the hands and feet on the ground with those who grieve, grow, and overcome. Without engaging in healthy self care practices, this life of service can become burdensome. However, we take great care—with a proactive rather than reactive approach—to ensure that our staff is equipped and cared for physically, emotionally, and spiritually, so that they can continue to serve selflessly while maintaining their best and healthiest lives.

Over the course of three nights away from the village, our primary goal was to empower and encourage local staff.

We focused on building them up spiritually and as well as with practical skills to help them succeed—involving anything from how to write formal reports to learning more effective communication strategies. We had training that increased their passion for our pillars of focus: education, medical treatment, entrepreneurship, and emergencies—all with the spiritual element to remind them of the bigger reason and core purpose of what they do! Our staff especially enjoyed participating in team bonding activities as well as receiving individual encouragement as they prepare for the big year ahead. Board Member David Wafula commented on the retreat, sharing that his most pressing goal for this sacred time was to “minister HOPE!” How precious and powerful it is that this rest and restoration happens best in the context of community. Our prayer for all of our readers, sponsors, donors, and followers is that you, too, find time to rest and be refreshed within a community that reminds you of your infinite worth, dignity, and purpose.
Please keep our local staff in your prayers this year!
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