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While we write a lot about life in Uganda & provide as many details as we can about the people we help. We don’t often plug our own services, but maybe we should. Although we are happy to just have you as a reader, we would also love for you to get involved with what goes on here at ROWAN. A more rewarding experience you may never have.
Smiling Child at a water pump

The Gift of Clean Water

Averaging a well a year (that’s 10 wells in 10 years!) we are well (pardon the pun) on our way to providing clean water for all of Eastern Uganda. This is a gift that we are so proud of. There is perhaps nothing more urgent to people than clean drinking water & it is truly sad that so many don’t have access to it.

What You Can Do

If you want to get involved & help bring new wells to rural environments in desperate need of them, you can. It’s easy. This campaign is for our 11th well that will service a village of 1000 people. Imagine that, by donating your pocket change you can change the lives of an entire village.

Smiling children at a water pump

Race to the Finish

As of publishing we are just over halfway to our goal for this campaign & we would absolutely love to make this post out-of-date super quick! Once we finish this well, we have so many more to dig. So if you want to get involved we would absolutely love to have you.

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