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We have a great time sharing about life in Uganda & providing as many details as we can about the people of ROWAN. We try not to plug our own services very often, but maybe we should. Of course we are content to simply have you as a reader, but we would also love for you to get involved with what goes on at ROWAN. A more rewarding experience you might never have.
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The Gift of Education

This year we have several students graduating primary level schools & joining our secondary/higher level education. We are incredibly proud of each & every one of them! As the children move up through their education this also increases our budgetary needs. A large portion of our donations go towards education, as it is a cornerstone to creating a better life.

What You Can Do

With your help ROWAN supports over 55 students in good schools getting a proper education. Of everything you donate, at least a portion of all of it goes directly towards sponsorship for school. Anything you can spare is welcome & makes a difference.

Teacher in a classroom


Below is a breakdown of some of our education related costs, even $25 can make a young students life better & their schooling easier!

$25 = Books for 1 student for the entire year
$50 = Final exam costs for 5 students
$100 = Costs for a student for 1 trimester of boarding school
$400 = Costs for a student to go to school for an entire year

Moving Up in the World

As of writing this we are just over halfway to our goal for this campaign & we would absolutely love to make this post out-of-date super quick! There will always been children who need an education. If you’d like to get involved we would absolutely love to have you.

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