Over the last four months, Pastor Paul Nyende has been negotiating with a local farmer to buy his four-acre plot of land. It us located right next to our ROWAN office. The land holds one large house, one small house and 188 healthy coffee trees.
After much prayer and petition, the man brought his price down to a reasonable level. However, the ROWAN board did not have the funds for the land at that time. So they prayed for a miracle and that same week, ROWAN received a check in the mail for the exact amount needed for the land! The land was marked SOLD that very day!
ROWAN is now in the process of deciding how best to utilize the land and all it offers. So far:
-The widows have planted a second pineapple garden on the land with the suckles (seeds) from their first garden.
-Kelsey Young, ROWAN’s co-founder, is setting up plans to sell raw coffee beans in Singapore.
-The main house on the land will become a ROWAN Guest House for anybody to come get involved in the projects. However, the house needs refurbishing before guests can stay comfortably.
If you have any interest in helping in the areas of coffee, agriculture, or improving the Guest House, contact us.

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