Did you hear what our communities suggested?

Our villages want to volunteer and build homes with these 3 brick machines!

It’s amazing to see the impact that one brick machine can make, and thanks to you generous donors, we have three! The communities we serve in rural Eastern Uganda have had many struggles due to an intense wet season, and many people need to rebuild their homes after strong winds and rain have destroyed them.

Our secondary students recently came home from school on holiday and we put them to work. A trainer came and provided training for not just our students, but also our local leaders in Mawanga. Now they are taking what they have learned and sharing that knowledge with their communities.
But the impact doesn’t stop there. Our seven zone leaders with ROWAN want to do their part as well. They are inspired to be leaders and to effect change in their villages. Together they approached Pastor Paul with a request.

“Pastor, we want to identify homes that need to be rebuilt in our communities and volunteer to build them together. All we need is support for cement and we can do it on our own!”

“How empowering for our people, their families and surrounding communities — and all this from the purchase of a simple machine. God is good!”
~ Kelsey Hargadine, co-founder

Thank you to our secondary students who gave up time and energy for this project during their break. We also want to extend our gratitude to our gracious donors. We couldn’t have done this without you!
Join the “Rebuild Movement” and buy a bag of cement! It’s $10 a bag, and approximately 50 bags are needed to build a modest three bedroom home.

Donate cement to rebuild their communities!

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