Producing Profit through Passion Fruit

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We started with a dream, which grew into a plan that is now reality.

Back in 2011 ROWAN agreed to grow passion fruit for three main reasons:

1) High demand for passion fruit in the local markets
2) Passion fruit grows on a vine, so it is easier to maintain and grows quickly
3) Passion fruit will continue to produce throughout each season if pruned properly

ROWAN staff learned how to grow passion fruit and make a profit by selling them in the local markets.

The next step was to teach others and in doing so empower them to provide for themselves and their families.


Sarah is one of those women who learned how to grow and care for passion fruit and it has changed her life.

She lives with her husband, but takes pride that this is her project. She grows passion fruit to sustain her family and is able to do so because passion fruit is not difficult to maintain. She only has to water and prune the vines in order to ensure they continue to produce fruit.
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When I was in Uganda , I met Sarah and saw her passion fruit garden. The smile on her face spoke volumes more than any words could ever communicate.

She radiated pure joy and was so excited to show us what God has enabled her to do. Sarah is HIV+ but choosing to live positively with the hope of Jesus.
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