Pray for Kenya Today.

On Saturday, September 21st the Somali militant group al-Shabab (Arabic for “The Youth”) launched an armed attack on the Westgate Shopping Complex in Kenya’s capitol city of Nairobi. All the assailants were males, dressed as women. A total of 68-persons have been confirmed as killed, with approximately 200 others wounded. The siege ended Sunday as Kenyan security forces regained control of the scene, freeing hostages and capturing those responsible.
Kenya and Uganda have been providing military support to the Somalia government, in combating al-Shabab rebels in that country. Saturday’s al-Shabab attack was a response to Kenyan troops being in Somalia. Al-Shabab rebels carried out a similar attack in Kampala, during July 2010, for the same reason.
Today ROWAN prays that God will comfort those affected by this tragedy and change the hearts of those dedicated to violence in the name of Radical Islam. We also pray for strength for the African leaders as they join together in unity.
Brad Young, ROWAN Advocate
Terrorism & Homeland Security Specialist
Los Angeles, California

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