Passion Fruit Income

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Towards the end of 2011, ROWAN agreed to grow passion fruit for 3 main reasons:

1. There is a high demand for passion fruit in the local market.
2. Passion fruit is a vine, and begins growing fruit shortly after 2 months!
3. Passion fruit will continue to grow throughout each season as long as it is properly pruned.
As of February 2013, ROWAN staff have learned how to properly care for the fruits and sell them in the local markets.

GOOD NEWS: Our 1 acre of passion fruit brings in an average of $200 USD per month after expenses! This will only increase with more experience and training.

Imagine if ROWAN was able to plant a total of 5 acres of passion fruit? That would be $1,000 USD monthly of income to begin supporting themselves locally. This is our aim.

Each additional acre costs only $1500!

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